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As the first cut of the source and the built versions are getting prepared to be released, I thought it would be good idea to present what the release will contain and what the current status is.

Contents of the Release

The release will contain the first ever build of the Application Services platform. The platform will consist of:
  • The CKSAS:Core library which will be common to all Application Services released through this project. The core library may get updated with each release going forward. The Core is a dependency that will need to be deployed before deploying other service packages.
  • The CKSAS:AppStorage service code and API. This will be a SharePoint solution that deploys the neccessary artefacts to deploy, manage and build applications that use the Application Storage service.
  • A sample that demonstrates how to use the AppStorage service in your own custom applications.

Release Format

Both CKSAS:Core and CKSAS:AppStorage will be separate all containing SharePoint solutions that can be deployed like any other SharePoint applications. You may use the deployed assemblies to build your applications or download the source tree to build the solutions from scratch.

Proposed Release Date

We are looking at 10th Feb as the date for a public Beta release and a full week of testing period before releasing an Alpha version on or about the 17th Feb.

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