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Welcome to the CKS:AS project site in CodePlex   

The goal of this project is to provide a set of service applications that can be installed individually to a SharePoint 2010 farm to be used by developers and administrators to perform their tasks more simply and efficiently. For developers, these service applications provide capabilities that are otherwise unavailable by default in a SharePoint farm. For administrators, these service applications provide a consistent and efficient management mechanism of aspects of your team's custom SharePoint applications without having to modify configuration files on the server or leaving the Central Administration website.

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This project site offers code and build downloads for individual service applications that have been developed. Developers may download the entire source tree or the built versions of individual services from the downloads section.

Why this project?

It has been a while since SharePoint 2010 has been released, and one of the major improvement areas in SharePoint 2010 is the manner with which SharePoint Shared Services work. In 2007, this was predominantly a closed box with us as developers not being able to control much of what happens in there. The administrators also didn’t have a lot of options in load balancing, recreating or moving services around in the farm. In the 2010 version. Microsoft have done a good job of moving all services to a more flexible and extensible model which not only allows developers to extend their application’s capabilities, but also for administrators to be able to move and shuffle things around as they see fit.

This led to an interesting question in my mind: If there is a capability of plugging in flexible, capable and useful extensions at such low level in SharePoint, why are we not taking advantage of it? I believe, with a lot of presumption, that the answer lies in how well documented this is and how do developers take in the capabilities of something like this and suit their work. This project attempts to introduce the community at large to SharePoint Service Applications and provide a pre-built, useful set of Shared Services extensions so they can take advantage of the power and scalability of SharePoint.


This project aims to provide a decent set of pre-built, quickly deployable, service applications to the SharePoint developer and administrator communities. The following is a non-exhaustive list of features that this project offers to the community:

Service Applications: A set of service applications useful when creating SharePoint applications. The following services are planned for including in this project at present:

  • Application Storage Service:  Provides an alternate to managing application related configuration data within web.config and other stores. This service allows developers to store and retrieve arbitrary configuration data to be used in their application.
  • Managed Database Service: Provides management services for bespoke databases used within custom SharePoint applications. This services allows developers to use databases configured within the farm and the administrators to manage, secure, backup and restore application databases just like they would manage the SharePoint databases.
  • Managed Document Reference Service:  Allows end users, administrators and developers to build relationships between documents and allows them to be managed from SharePoint.

Application Programming Interface: A set of libraries that can be used to interact with the above service applications.


We will aim to update the source and API documentation as much as possible or update the documentation Wiki in this site so developers and administrators have an up to date version of the documentation for all aspects of the services.

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